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  • First Blood: David Kusnet on what to look for in Saturday's Democratic presidential debate.
  • No Grasp: Jeff Faux on why a far-reaching American empire will not serve anyone's interests, least of all ours.
  • Private Eyes: Bernard Wasow says it doesn't take a detective to see that conservatives have things backwards on Social Security.
  • State Starvation: Robert Kuttner on why Bush is the king of unfunded mandates.
  • Ballot Boxing: Round 1 of election reform took place in Washington. Now, Round 2 is playing out in the states. Miles S. Rapoport explains.
  • The Taxonomist: Robert S. McIntyre on d�j� voodoo economics.
  • Yellow Streak: Michael Tomasky says the Democrats would rather lamely call for apologies than actually fight.
  • Trans-Atlantic Food Fight: John Feffer on the stakes in the U.S.�Europe battle over genetically engineered crops.
  • Office Work: Next year will likely be an easy one for Senate incumbents, but the up-for-grabs seats are of no small import. Mary Lynn F. Jones reports.

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  • Books & Culture:

  • Filmic Face-lift: Noy Thrupkaew says Better Luck Tomorrow makes over Asian American cinema
  • This Pill Makes You Honest: Jonathan Cohn reviews Protecting America's Health: The FDA, Business, and One Hundred Years of Regulation.
  • Loaded Biases: Amy Sullivan reviews Eric Alterman's What Liberal Media?
  • Platinum Hit? Noy Thrupkaew on why a new UPN show could do the virtually impossible -- attract an integrated audience.
  • The War About War: Ronald Brownstein on Kaplan and Kristol's The War Over Iraq.
  • Magic Wanda: Noy Thrupkaew wonders whether FOX will let a talented comedian cast her spell.
  • Free Market Furies: Does exporting capitalism breed ethnic hatred and instability? Sasha Polakow-Suransky on Amy Chua's World on Fire.

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    Murray S. Waas

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    Tapped does not have a favorite among the Democratic candidates. But one thing we do believe is that the eventual candidate is going to need to undertake a fundamental reshaping of the way Democrats think about national security. [read more]

    Updated [05.02.03]

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    Missing The Point: The Administration Offers Gimmicks To Trim Tax Cuts, From the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities