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A t the core of Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr's five-year, $47 million investigation of President Clinton have been allegations made by a former Arkansas municipal court judge, David Hale, that while Clinton was governor of Arkansas, he pressured Hale to make an illegal and fraudulent $300,000 loan to Susan McDougal, the president's friend and business partner. In the fall of 1997, Starr even drafted an impeachment referral to the House of Representatives alleging that there was "substantial and credible evidence" that Clinton might have committed perjury regarding the Hale matter.

Salon's reporting on Hale and Whitewater raised serious questions about the veracity of Hale's allegations and the conduct by Starr in leading the Whitewater probe. Partly as a result of those stories, a federal grand jury examined allegations that Hale accepted financial assistance and gratuities from conservative activists. Moreover, Starr ultimately never sent his Whitewater referral to the House because of the new questions raised about Hale's credibility as a witness against the president.

Murray Waas, who reported the Salon stories, won the Society of Professional Journalists Award for Depth Reporting for his coverage of Whitewater.

Verdict on Starr's witness
By Murray S. Waas and Suzi Parker
Whitewater figure David Hale is found guilty on Arkansas state criminal charges

Tainted witness
By Murray Waas
The Arkansas trooper who corroborated David Hale's story received payments from the American Spectator

Brother on brother
By Murray Waas
Whitewater witness David Hale attempted to suborn perjury by his own brother by asking him to falsely corroborate illegal acts by President Clinton

The mark of Cain: A tale of two brothers
By Murray Waas
Though they traveled the same path from the family dirt farm through law school, the Hale brothers turned out different as night and day

Scaife tells why he cut off Spectator's funding
By Murray Waas
The reclusive billionaire points the finger at fellow Arkansas Project conspirators in testimony before the federal grand jury

Protected witness, Part Two
By Murray Waas
Law enforcement records obtained by Salon reveal a two-year effort by Kenneth Starr to impede the Arkansas prosecution of David Hale

The other woman
By Murray Waas
Of all the women swirling around President Clinton, perhaps only one was a true victim.

Protected witness
By Murray Waas
How Ken Starr tried to prevent state prosecutors from charging his prime witness with defrauding poor black people of burial insurance

The other grand jury begins
By Murray Waas
Now it is Kenneth Starr's inquiry that is the object of a secret federal grand jury probe, as the plot continues to thicken

False Witness Part Five
By Michael Haddigan and Murray Waas
Looting the temple of Justice. Why there will never be a Whitewater Report from Ken Starr

False Witness Part Four
By Murray Waas
Whitewater's untold story. In an exclusive interview, William Watt, a key witness in Kenneth Starr's Whitewater probe, charges that Starr's investigators ignored information he provided them that undermined the case against President Clinton

False Witness Part Three
By Murray Waas
The $50,000 lie. The Whitewater case wasn't the only time David Hale invoked Bill Clinton's name -- falsely -- to help himself

False Witness Part Two
By Murray Waas
Taking care of David Hale. A Salon investigative report reveals how Kenneth Starr's key Whitewater witness secretly hooked up with a prominent anti-Clinton attorney

False Witness
By Murray Waas
Key Kenneth Starr witness David Hale's strategy for getting out of legal trouble: blame President Clinton

Clinton takes the offensive
By Murray Waas
The first lady helped craft an aggressive strategy after the president finally revealed details of the Lewinsky affair to her.

Starr's investigation to be investigated
By Murray Waas
Former Justice Department watchdog Michael J. Shaheen will probe alleged payments to key Whitewater witness David Hale

Investigating a conflict
By Murray Waas
Kenneth Starr is proposing an "independent" investigator to look into the David Hale payments probe. The question is, how independent?

The smearing of Judge Woods
By Joe Conason, Gene Lyons and Murray Waas
How newspaper articles of questionable origin were used by Kenneth Starr to remove a federal jurist in a Whitewater case

Salon Exclusive: Starr deputy met with Scaife's private investigator
By Murray Waas
Whitewater prosecutor Hickman Ewing did not fully report on meetings with anti-Clinton operative

Scaife investigator targeted CNN reporter
By Murray Waas
Private details about TV correspondent's life ended up in House Committee files

White House jumps into Starr "conflict" fray
By Jonathan Broder and Murray Waas
President Clinton's chief lawyer demands that the independent counsel recuse himself from the David Hale investigation.

Arkansas trooper considered demanding money from President Clinton
By Murray Waas
Source for Los Angeles Times' "Troopergate" story discussed trading silence about Clinton's private life for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Kenneth Starr has lost his credibility
By Joe Conason and Murray Waas
Legal experts raise questions about the prosecutor's apparent conflicts of interest

Turning the tables on Starr
By Murray Waas and Jonathan Broder
Attorney General Janet Reno considers investigating key Whitewater witness David Hale

The men who kept Paula Jones' lawsuit going
By Murray Waas
How associates of billionaire Clinton-hater Richard Mellon Scaife propped up her legal battle

Salon exclusive: Justice Department considers investigating key Starr witness
By Murray Waas and Jonathan Broder
FBI recommends probe of alleged payments to Whitewater witness David Hale

Behind the Clinton cocaine smear
By Murray Waas
Conservative billionaire funded secret investigation of Clinton's alleged drug connections

Portrait of a bag man
By Jonathan Broder and Murray Waas
Parker Dozhier was allegedly funneling money to a key Whitewater witness and running an intelligence-gathering and dirty tricks operation -- out of a bait shop

The ties that bind
By Murray Waas and Jonathan Broder
The lawyer who contributed $50,000 to Paula Jones' legal fund also served as counsel for Richard Mellon Scaife's anti-Clinton Arkansas Project

Salon exclusive: the road to Hale
By Jonathan Broder and Murray Waas
Key Whitewater witness David Hale received secret cash payments from anti-Clinton billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife

Show us the money
By Murray Waas
Paula Jones' patron accuses her legal fund of defrauding the public.

Paula Jones' mysterious benefactor
By Jonathan Broder and Murray Waas
Who's behind a secret $50,000 donation to the legal fund of Clinton's accuser?

The Falwell connection
By Murray Waas
How the Rev. Jerry Falwell and a California political organization helped finance and orchestrate an extensive anti-Clinton propaganda campaign



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